Rafal Zawadzki

Founder of Spell

Tips for using AI Agents in your daily work

As AI technology advances, powerful tools like GPT-based models such as ChatGPT now enable users to write emails, articles, code, or even music within a matter of seconds. But what if there is even more to explore? Enter AI agents, such as those at Spell.so, which push the limits by performing multi-step tasks, automating problem-solving, and boosting productivity. This post delves into incorporating AI agents into your daily routine, achieving more with less through AI.

Recognize tasks ideal for automation

To maximize the benefits of AI agents, begin by identifying tasks that are ripe for automation. Tasks that are repetitive, time-intensive, and do not need a high level of creativity or critical thinking make ideal candidates. Breaking down complex tasks into smaller, manageable mini-projects helps utilize AI agents more effectively.

Here are some examples of tasks that AI agents can automate successfully:

  • Research and report on the financial market (also cryptocurrencies)
  • Develop a personalized course on a specific subject or skill
  • Design a board game
  • Create meal plans based on unique dietary needs and preferences
  • Generate new business strategies

Select the appropriate AI Agent

Not all AI agents are the same — it is crucial to choose one that aligns with your requirements. Different agent architectures impact task performance, so it is essential to pick the right one.

Two popular open-source tools that differ in their architecture are babyAGI and AutoGPT. Although available for free, they require users to provide a personal API key and incur usage costs. Additionally, they necessitate software installation and terminal familiarity.

Spell.so focuses on user experience, offering ease of use and automation for tasks with a single goal in mind. It presents a custom architecture designed to boost productivity.

Define clear goals and parameters

To maximize AI agent performance, establish clear goals and parameters for each task. Attempt to create concise goals, aiming for 1 to 6 sentences in length. Longer goals can lead the AI agent astray, causing it to lose focus on the primary objective.

If you cannot condense your goal further, experiment with multiple agents, rephrasing the goal to find an agent that best matches your intent before moving forward.

Use the right plugins

Plugins are a powerful tool for enhancing AI agent performance. They allow users to customize the agent’s behavior and capabilities. Spell.so offers a wide range of plugins, but it's important to choose wisely! Selecting too many plugins may distract the agent and accidentally lead it astray. In most cases, the less plugins selected, the better.

Treat the AI Agent as an intern

A helpful technique for optimizing AI agent use is treating them as interns. Understand that while AI agents are quite capable, they can sometimes deviate from the desired path.

Spell.so AI agents provide transparency at every step, making it easy to monitor progress and steer the agent back on track. As they become more refined, managing a team of AI agents will feel increasingly like managing a team of AI-assisted staff.

Embrace continuous improvement

AI technology is advancing rapidly, with agents gaining new capabilities such as enhanced search, allowing them to perform live searches and provide references for their findings.


Living in an era of rapid AI advancement brings incredible opportunities to reassess how we work and utilize AI as an empowering tool. As we adopt and experiment with AI agents like those found at Spell.so, we move closer to revolutionizing our work processes by automating menial tasks and enhancing productivity.

We invite you to explore and provide feedback on your experiences with AI agents. Together, we can push the boundaries of technology and unlock the full potential of AI in our everyday lives.