How to Draft a Press Release with AI

Drafting a press release can be an essential aspect of your marketing strategy. A well-crafted press release must include these components:

  1. An attention-grabbing headline
  2. A strong lead (first paragraph)
  3. Relevant and informative body text
  4. A boilerplate or 'about us' section
  5. Contact information for media inquiries.

How can the Spell AI agent help with that?

To draft your press release efficiently, configure the Spell AI agent using the fast GPT3.5-turbo model.

Once configured, provide the AI agent with this prompt:

Draft a press release for a real estate business, including a headline, lead, body text, boilerplate, and contact information.

The AI agent will provide you with a well-structured press release that effectively communicates your message, enhancing your chances of attracting media attention and increasing visibility.

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