How to Write a Cover Letter with AI

Cover letters are essential in capturing the attention of a potential employer and showcasing your suitability for the job. To create an effective cover letter, you should include:

  1. A brief introduction and a concise summary of your background.
  2. Relevant experiences, skills, and accomplishments.
  3. A demonstration of your understanding of the employer's needs and how you meet those criteria.
  4. A closing paragraph that discusses your interest in the role and conveys enthusiasm.

How can the Spell AI agent help with that?

To write a cover letter with your Spell AI agent, we recommend using the GPT-3.5-Turbo model as it is fast and well-equipped to handle this type of creative writing task. To let the agent research the company profile and typical job responsibilities for you, enable the Web Search plugin.

Once configured, provide the AI agent with this prompt:

Write a cover letter for the position of {job title} at {company name} showcasing my experiences, skills, and enthusiasm for the role.

The AI agent will generate a customized and compelling cover letter that you can use for your job application.

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